Making use of multiple kernels

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Making use of multiple kernels

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As I'm currently waiting for my PLS-POS analysis to finish it's calculation (approx. 25 hours), I can add some bits to my wishlist for future releases:
  • Make use of multiple kernels if possible in PLS-POS
  • If that is not possible, being able to do some basic analyses on the other processors (would be handsome) like in batch mode. Or allow opening another instance of smartPLS on the same machine
  • if PLS-POS hits either the search depths or the iterations maximum ask if it should be extended instead of finishing the calculation
BR, Jan
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Re: Making use of multiple kernels

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Thanks. We the performance should be much better with the latest release. However, PLS-POS is computationally intensive. You may combine FIMIX-PLS and PLS-POS: ... -64069-3_9