Interaction with binary IV and Moderator

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Interaction with binary IV and Moderator

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Dear Community,

for my master's thesis, I conducted a 2x2 experiment. I want to investigate the impact of my experimental conditions and their interaction on two dependent variables. (DV1 ~ ExperimentalCondition1 * ExperimentalCondition2 & DV2 ~ ExperimentalCondition1 * ExperimentalCondition2)

The usual approach would be to enter them into a MANOVA, but I suspect that DV1 mediates the relationship between my experimental conditions and DV2. Thus, I want to use SmartPLS to model these relationships.

SmartPLS4 automatically dummy-codes my two experimental conditions. According to various SmartPLS manuals, SmartPLS can handle binary and dummy-coded independent variables. My question is if it can also correctly calculate an interaction between two dummy coded variables onto a DV which is measured on an interval scale?

Thank you very much! I hope this question was not already answerde elsewhere.
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