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SmartPLS4 Series - A Step by Step Approach to PLS-SEM using SmartPLS4

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:58 pm
by fawad.latif
SmartPLS4 is the new and more advance version of SmartPLS for PLS-SEM analysis.

Here is a complete step by step series on how to use SmartPLS4 for complex structural equation modelling. The series of sessions will start with the very basics of Structural Equation Modelling using SmartPLS4 and discuss some of the advance topics like Higher Order Constructs, PLS Predict, Necessary Condition Analysis and more.

The Series follows a step by step approach where a model is proposed for analysis and is analyzed step by step.

Link to the Playlist ... zqOjT7ubSX

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Ringle, C. M., Wende, S., and Becker, J.-M. 2022. "SmartPLS 4." Oststeinbek: SmartPLS GmbH,