Mediating variable with 2 dimensions

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Mediating variable with 2 dimensions

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Hey guys, I'm running a classical model with one IV, one DV and one mediating variable.
But it turns out my mediating variable has two dimensions. How should I represent it in a graphic model? Should I draw both dimensions as if each one was a latente variable? In this case I will come up with a multiple mediation model (one IV, one DV and two mediating variables).

Is it correct? tks
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Re: Mediating variable with 2 dimensions

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It depends on which level of the higher-order construct you want to study the mediation and of which type you think your higher-order variable is (reflective-formative, reflective-reflective, etc.), but generally, yes, if you want to study it very fine grained at the level of the dimensions then it becomes a parallel mediation.
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