Bootstrapping: Exclude Samples From Excel Output

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Bootstrapping: Exclude Samples From Excel Output

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I notice that when we use the option 'Export to Excel' especially for the bootstrapping results, it resultant Excel file is too large.
The reasons seems it exports the 5,000 (or whatever may be the number chosen) samples as well to the Excel file.

Not sure where this data will be useful? And
Is there any trigger to exclude samples while exporting?

Thank you for your valuable advice.
Regards, Saradhi.
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Re: Bootstrapping: Exclude Samples From Excel Output

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Why it might be useful?
To calculate some extra statistics/parameters and use the bootstrap sampling distribution to assess their significance. For example, whether two path coefficients are significant can be assessed by looking at the significance of the difference between the two using these samples. Other examples include simple slopes and Johnson-Neyman points in moderation analysis.

When you export to excel the "Exclude large matrices" option could also help to prevent to include the samples matrix, if it is too large.
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