Calculation of f-squared and q-squared

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Calculation of f-squared and q-squared

Post by AMunoz » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:08 pm

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to calculate...

f squared (effect size) defined as:
f-squared=R-squared(included) - R-squared(excluded) / (1 - R-squared(incl.))

and q-squared defined as:
f-squared=Q-squared(included) - Q-squared(excluded) / (1 - Q-squared(incl.))

So I could find R-squared and Q-squared (1-SSE/SSO) in the Output, but where do I find the included/excluded ones or how do I calculate them, if smartpls didn't provide them?

Hopefully I made clear what my problem is and someone has any good idea?:)

Many thanks in advance,

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