How to Report #SmartPLS4 Results in a Research Paper

Collection of links to educational videos on the PLS-SEM method and the application of the SmartPLS software.
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How to Report #SmartPLS4 Results in a Research Paper

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How to Report #SmartPLS4 Results in a Research Paper

Struggling to report your PLS-SEM results in SmartPLS4? Unlock the secrets of effective research paper reporting with this comprehensive guide on How to Report #SmartPLS4 Results. This video breaks it down step-by-step! Follow along as we navigate the software's output and translate it into clear, concise research paper language. We'll cover measurement model assessment, path coefficient analysis, hypothesis testing, and more. Learn to present your findings with confidence and impress your reviewers. Grab your research and let's dive into reporting your SmartPLS4 results like a pro!

Contents include discussion on the Step to report Data Analysis and Results
Step 1: Brief Introduction of the Techniques and SEM
Step 2: Data Screening and Cleaning
Step 3: Measurement Model
Step 4: Structural Model

Video Link:

Latif, K. F., Machuca, M. M., Marimon, F., & Sahibzada, U. F. (2021). Servant leadership, career, and life satisfaction in higher education: A cross-country study of Spain, China, and Pakistan. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 16, 1221-1247.

Latif, K. F., Pérez, A., & Sahibzada, U. F. (2020). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and customer loyalty in the hotel industry: A cross-country study. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 89, 102565.

Sahibzada, U. F., Jianfeng, C., Latif, K. F., Shafait, Z., & Sahibzada, H. F. (2022). Interpreting the impact of knowledge management processes on organizational performance in Chinese higher education: mediating role of knowledge worker productivity. Studies in Higher Education, 47(4), 713-730.

Khan, M. A., Latif, K. F., Shahid, S., & Shah, S. A. (2023). Understanding knowledge leadership in improving team outcomes in the health sector: a Covid-19 study. Business Process Management Journal.

Latif, K. F., Tariq, R., Muneeb, D., Sahibzada, U. F., & Ahmad, S. (2022). University Social Responsibility and performance: the role of service quality, reputation, student satisfaction and trust. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 1-25.

Complete SmartPLS Playlist ... zqOjT7ubSX

Data Screening and Cleaning

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Re: How to Report #SmartPLS4 Results in a Research Paper

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Reporting the results from SmartPLS4 accurately and comprehensively is crucial for the credibility of your research.
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