Moderation effects in PLS (Continuous Variables)

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Moderation effects in PLS (Continuous Variables)

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This video discusses moderation effects in SmartPLS with focus on the continuous variable after discussing the categorical variable in the prior video. The video starts introducing continuous variables and differentiating them from categorical variables. After providing some literature background, the video presents an application of moderation effect using continuous variable in SmartPLS. We run the bootstrapping function to find t-statistics and p-value and thus, determine the moderation effect in SmartPLS. After finding our results, we report them into an excel sheet before graphing the moderation effects to be finally reported for publications or PhD theses. The video covers important details including but not limited to product indicators, mean centric calculations, etc.

The video is split into the following chapters:
0:00 introduction to continuous variables
1:07 continuous vs categorical variables
4:50 PLS moderation effects application
8:54 Reporting Moderation effects results
16:05 Graphing moderation effects results
20:50 wrap up and conclusion
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Youtube video link:

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