indicator is not unique

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indicator is not unique

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1) when I try to import data file in PLS software either in csv format or txt format, this error comes :
Line 0: Indicator 'is' is not unique
Line 0: Indicator 'your' is not unique
Line 0: Indicator 'job' is not unique
and many more errors like this
And on the left side of window of PLS, there comes an error "your datafile setup is corrupt. Please open the data file and revise the setup"

what to do with these error. pls guide?

2) in my excel data file, many fields are blank (because the respondent has not answered that question so the field for that question is blank), but those questions are not related to survey items (actual questions of survey), rather those questions are about introduction of respondent like what is job position/briefly describe your job, so now what to do with these blank fields?

Your kind help will be highly appreciated.
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Re: indicator is not unique

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1) The error message means that several of your variables have the same name. It seems to be an issue that they names are separated by the same character as your separation indicator. Ideally, you should either put the variable names in "" or connect them with an _

2) Blank fields should be OK, if they correspond to variables. Sometimes the detection mechanism cannot correctly assign blank fields as missing values if they are excessive. Then it is better to fill them with some missing value marker (i.e., any number that is not part of your possible space if values, for example, -999).
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