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What are the latest guidelines for hierarchical latent variables?

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:32 pm
by msaradhi
I am reading Becker et al. (2012) paper, "Hierarchical Latent Variable Models in PLS-SEM: Guidelines for Using Reflective-Formative Type Models', and Lee and Cardogan's (2013) paper 'Problems with formative and higher-order reflective variables'.

Are there any new guidelines since these publications?
1. Are Reflective-Reflective Models acceptable?
2. If so, what are the reporting guidelines for such models?
Is AVE computed by SmartPLS-3 incorrect and need to manually calculate it based on path coefficients?
3. What is the recommended approach in SmartPLS-3?

Thank you in advance.
Regards, Saradhi.