Moderating Variables

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Moderating Variables

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I have a path loading from an exogenous LV (structure) to an endogenous LV (process) with a path coefficient of .73. When I add a moderating variable (Trust), I get the following path coefficients:

Trust main effect = .116
Trust x Structure interaction effect = .318
Structure main effect = .390

Why does my Structure main effect path coefficient drop from .73 to .39 when I add the interaction effect?

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Post by Diogenes »

Hi Teresa,

a possible explanation is the collinearity between the "interaction effect" and the others exogenous LVs.

In the first model all explanation is given by "Structure"
In the second model part of this explanation is divided with the collinear LV (interaction term).
(Did you center the variables to comput interaction term ? - SmartPLS have this option.)
(Are all indicators reflective?)

Just a idea:
1) Run the model with "Structure" and "Trust"
2) Run your 2nd model: "Structure", "Trust", and "Structure * Trust"
3) What happens with R2 ?

Best regards.

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