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Path coefficient reporting format?

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:22 pm
by amoghta
I have the path coefficients in a table but dont know how to put them in 'words' while writing the results. For example the table values are:
Original Sample (O) Sample Mean (M) Standard Deviation (STDEV) Standard Error (STERR) T Statistics (|O/STERR|)
A-B 0.275 0.298 0.031 0.031 6.7307

This is the format SmartPLS presents its tables. Now I was wondering if whats the correct way of 'writing' it. Should I write it as:
The path from A to B was found highly significant (c=0.275; t>2.57). Or is there any other correct way?
Please help! Thank you!