Multi group analysis MGA

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Multi group analysis MGA

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Dear all!
I have questions regarding moderation and multigroup analysis for two different models.

1. I have 6 independent variables, 1 moderator and 1 dependent variable. moderation is applied on all relations between IV's and DV. now my question is should i
a- run moderation on relation between 1 IV and DV and remove all other IV's from model?
b- run moderation on relation between 1 IV and DV with all other IV's in the model?
c- create moderating effect of all 6 IV's and DV and run Bootstrap on whole model?

2. I have 2 independent variables, 1 dependent and want to use gender as moderator through MGA. now my question is
a- before running permutation (completing 3 stages of MICOM), and bootstrap-based MGA, do i still need to run Pls- Algorithm or there is no need?

I am very much looking forward for your reply.
Thanks & Regards, Muhammad Umair
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