Smart PLS data processing

Frequently asked questions about PLS path modeling.
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Smart PLS data processing

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Dear professors, academicians, and researchers ...

1. If a theoretical model has been tested using Smart PLS and has passed all measurement models and structural models ... One of the variables (X2) after experiencing a reduction in loading factors etc. from the beginning there are 5 indicators only 1 indicator remains ... Is it permitted this happens? If yes, is there any literary basis that states this?
2. How to solve if the HTMT value is greater than 0.9?
3. Is there an effect of the number of samples and the total number of items on the success of data processing using second-order method Smart PLS? The number of samples in my study was 55 organizational analysis units and 5 variables with 81 items.
4. Is it still necessary to check the normality of the data related to question no 3?
5. If the model in my question number 3 is processed using a second-order and it fails (because it does not pass the HTMT measurement model first oder), what should I do? Is it permissible to process it using the first order?

Please help. Stay healthy and successful.
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