Theory of Planned Behavior Path Analysis

Frequently asked questions about PLS path modeling.
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Theory of Planned Behavior Path Analysis

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Hi everyone,

This is my first time using SmartPLS and I am trying to create a path analysis for my theory of planned behaviour (TPB) model.
This model consists of 6 latent variables, divided over three stages/orders as displayed here:
4 latent variables ---> 1 latent variable ---> 1 latent variable

My question is regarding the second and third stage in this model. I've seen some videos that put the indicators of the latent variables presented in the first stage, on the second stage, and all those indicators of the second stage on the last stage. These videos however do not add any other indicators to the second and third stage, whereas I am adding additional indicators to each of the latent variables.
Therefore my question is, is it necessary to add in the indicators of the preceding stage to the next one?

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Re: Theory of Planned Behavior Path Analysis

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I would think that you want to address the sequence of effects and not really stages as in a higher-order model. Thus, you simply draw the model with your sequence of constructs.
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