Frequently asked questions about PLS path modeling.
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Respected Researchers,
I request you to please answer the following question.
Question : I carried out path modelling on SMART PLS to check relationship between Construct A and Construct B. Now i have obtaine the path coeficients which are significant as indicated by significant t-values. I need to know, do i need to mention model fit indices like SRMR also, is it necessary to mention model fit indices like SRMR. If yes then why this word of caution is mentioned on SMART PLS Website "Note of Caution
Researchers should be very cautious to report and use model fit in PLS-SEM (Hair et al. 2017). The proposed criteria are in their early stage of research, are not fully understood (e.g., the critical threshold values), and are often not useful for PLS-SEM. Even though, some researchers started requesting to report these new model fit indices for PLS-SEM. SmartPLS provides them but believes that there is much more research necessary to apply them appropriately. So far, these criteria usually should not be reported and used for the PLS-SEM results assessment."
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The reason is simple:
Some researchers believe they are useful and have to be reported. Others believe that they are not very useful and we do not know enough about their properties in PLS-SEM. Hence, they would not require you to report them.
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