Frequently asked questions about PLS path modeling.
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I am very very new to PLS. Actually I just know a little bit of theorie and am using it for my thesis. Well, my problem is: from approx. 110 eligible questionnaires I just got 30 back:( And my professor meant now I should use the bootstraping technique to increase the credibility of my model.
Can someone explain me how exactly the bootstraping should help me with this problem? and how can I interpret the results?
P.S. I know already that bootstraping is:)
Thank you very much in advance:)
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I recommed that you take a look at ... squares%22

PLS: a silver bullet?

Bootstrapping is a good way to compute the significances without assumption of normality, but you shoudn´t think that this technique will increase the credibility.

It isn´t a substitute for "real" cases or observations.

Best regards.
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