Discriminant Validity: HTMT of Higher Order Constructs

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Discriminant Validity: HTMT of Higher Order Constructs

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Hello everyone,

I have several higher order constructs (all reflectively measured) in my model. One of the HOCs is Psychological Involvement (PI) that has Emotional Contagion (EC) and Mutual Understanding (MU) as LOCs. When examining the HTMT of lower order constructs, EC and MU have established discriminant validity with all other latent variables in the model, including Interaction with Other Users (IO).

However, when I tried to access the HTMT of (PI, IO), the HTMT value is >0.90 May I know what are the possible reasons for this issue? I wish I can get some insights regarding this issue. And may I know in this case, can I still say that PI has established discriminant validity?

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