Highlight selected 'Model tab' in 'Projects Window'

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Highlight selected 'Model tab' in 'Projects Window'

Post by markusmde »

The 'Projects' window on the left hand side shows the different models which are part of one project in a branch structure together with the indicator data.

In larger projects, I usually open several models (*.splsm) in different tabs on the right hand side of the screen. When swapping between models on the right hand side, the 'Projects' Window is not updated, i.e. it does not automatically highlight the currently active model. Especially when renaming and copying models this can be confusing.

Hence, it would be great if the 'Projects' window is automatically updated, highlighting the active model. This already works for the 'Outline' window: It automatically shows selected constructs / indicators of the current model when switching between models.

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