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Provide Key for matching report data to original data

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:48 am
by janschreier
When using case-wise deletion it is inconvenient to join the output of reports such as Base Data > Indicator Data (Original) or the group assignment of PLS-POS or FIMIX to ones original data. I would appreciate if there is a new column either giving the original row number of each record or that one could specify a certain column in the data set to be the "case identifier". I guess the first solution is a lot easier to implement and will cause less questions for new users while the latter being preferred from a workflow perspective.

Either way, I'd be happy with any solution rather than having to create that filter in SPSS again.

As a dirty workaround I just added my unique ID as indicator into my model and ran the model again. Since the unique ID is always filled, I get the same number of records in the report "Indicator Data (Original)" (when using case-wise deletion) plus now I have the values of my unique ID. The other results from that calculation are obviously rubbish but to get the unique ID it works fine. (actually the other results are still fine since the indicator weight was 0, but telling a reviewer that there is an ID as weight to circumvent some software issues might not be the best idea ;)

Thanks, Jan

PS: Would it be possible to do some house keeping? The feature request forum is used as FAQ forum lately, making it hard to see if somebody already requested a feature.

Re: Provide Key for matching report data to original data

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:26 pm
by jmbecker
Even though the request is a bit older, we can report that we are working on this issue to provide a solution for the next release.