Be able to select subgroups in PLS-POS

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Be able to select subgroups in PLS-POS

Post by janschreier » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:25 pm

Right now one cannot select the predescribed subgroups in smartPLS to apply the PLS-POS algorithm only to a specific subgroup. Having this would be handsome so I don't have to split my dataset into two files.

Another feature I think could be useful is to add PLS-POS segmentation results to the original file. This would save one from a lot of manual work in the process of testing if groups are really different (right now, I run PLS-POS, export the values, join them with the original file-set, import that file-set, re-analyze it, build my groups again and only then can run my MGAs). This latter part is just an idea, haven't started working with PLS-POS yet but hopefully will do so in the near future.

BR, Jan

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