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T statistics interpretation

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:36 am
by explorer
Greetings All,

Could you help me regarding T statistics on the Smart PLS 3, please?

as I understand as the first step to run for factor analysis, run the Consistent PLS Algorithms to check loadings, CR, Discriminant Validity, and VIF; and then run the Consistent PLS Bootstrapping to check T statistics and p Values.
Is this the correct procedure?
If yes, then;
what happens if only a number of the T statistics are higher than 1,96 and they show p values as 0,00? Although all factor loadings are almost 0,900, CRs Alphas, and rho values are well above 0,700 and AVEs are above 0,50.

Most of the lines on the table show no p-value nor T statistics?
Similar results appear when tried running regular bootstrapping.

How is it to interpret such case, please?

Anything missing in the process?

Kind Regards,