Free? thank you but...

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Free? thank you but...

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Honestly guys:

It is valuable than you allow free access to your software, but I have two issues to comment about it:

1. Free doesn't means "full of errors". Okay, I'm a little bit overstated, but I'm angry because when I achieved to understand the way to make a model, I got "your software has expired..." and I didn't do nothing to deserve the message!! Yes, I got "my key" again and so on, but it didn't work. Now -as you imagine it- I got a message saying "your key is not allow for servers" or something like that. I really needed to work with this software. I lost my academic work because this problem. I think is the best software to PLS path modeling estimation available, but I can't be facing those kind of issues, it's unfair, I needed to work, I don't want to be concerned about "administrative" issues like these.

2. So I think some users, like me, might buy the program, but... if you are thinking ask me 700 or 800 USD, I'll say you "no thanks", because in that case I will prefer to buy Mplus, considering covariance analysis is "de facto" standard right now.

Sincerely I hope you can offer good solutions in the future...

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