Moderator-Variables and Interaction Indicators

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Moderator-Variables and Interaction Indicators

Post by stefanbehrens »

I guess it is already on the todo-list for the next release, but supporting the modeling of moderation-/ interaction-effects would be a neat feature. While such modeling is already possible now, it is quite painstaking to generate the product-interaction indicators manually (especially, if you have a lot of indicators per construct).

If the development team wants to get some ideas on how to improve usability and handling for interaction effects, have a look at VisualPLS 1.02 for inspiration ;-)

users should look at Zumastat and SPSS addin

Post by e09356 »

This is my second favourite program to SmartPLS:)

Zumastat creates product terms in an instant!

I normally do not endorse anything but...
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Moderating with dummy variables

Post by spsmith »

The ease with which interaction effects can be added is fantastic; however, the manner in which standardization and mean-centring methods are implemented is not ideal when the moderator is a dummy variable. Applying these techniques to a 1/0 variable is not necessary, the resulting coefficients are quite difficult to interpret. At present, I can use raw values which are easy to interpret but subject to multicollinearity problems, or adjusted values which are hard to interpret but less prone to multicollinearity. Is there any chance of modifying the standardization and mean-centring methods to allow for the use of a dummy variable?
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