Quality statistics - Release date for next SmartPLS release?

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cringle wrote: Wed Dec 14, 2005 5:13 pm Hi Stefan,

good work! We had this in SmartPLS before, forgot to include it in the current release and will definitely include this feature in the next release, again!

Well, I created two spreadsheets in Excel (cross-validated communality and cross-validated redundancy) for calculating the Q² predictive relevance.


This is an example for the latent variable Satisfaction in the ECSI model. However, for lager models, it might take some time to run all calculations. We plan to include the blindfolding procedure in the next release!

I also intend to demonstrate with these files how suggestions for additional extension in SmartPLS should be posted. Such easily to comprehend “cooking recipes” provide for a quit implementation into SmartPLS.

Best regards
Can I get these files for deep understanding process behind stone Geisser. all links are down.
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Re: Quality statistics - Release date for next SmartPLS release?

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Please see the attachment
Sat_Red.xls and Sat_Com.xls
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