Several Mediators

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Several Mediators

Post by laura1291 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:03 pm

Hi guys,

at the moment I'm trying to figure out on how to analyze mediation effects in the following model:


(Of course, in general: bootstrapping -> specific indirect effects)

So my questions...
1) Do I simply report A -> M1 -> M3 -> X and so on?

2) How do I get the following "combined" effect: M1 -> M3 -> X? Smartpls does not provide this one, or is it just irrelevant? I'm curious because in some articles there were similar models and they only stated the combined effect M1 -> M3 -> X while ignoring A/B/C -> M1 -> M3 -> X ...

3) Do I need to conduct any further analysis (in SPSS/PLS) regarding this model when analyzing mediation effects?

4) In my theoretical model there is no direct effect from M1 to X or Z. But full mediation is highly unlikely. So in order to analyze indirect effects of M3 to X and Z correctly I should also draw arrows from M1/M2/A/B/C to X/Z, right (if there is a direct effect...)?

Any ideas?
Thank you so much!!

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Re: Several Mediators

Post by jmbecker » Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:45 pm

1) For how to report a mediation analysis a good source is the PLS book: ... s-sem-book
You will also find some information in our online sources: ... /mediation

Currently we only report the specific effects from exogenous to all possible constructs. It was a design decision that the thought is plausible from our fields of research, but as many people are requesting also specific indirect effects starting from endogenous constructs we have added that to the new small updated comming soon.

That depends on what you want to report. Usually you get the most important results directly from SmartPLS.

Yes. Testing if there is no direct effect (and therefore including the direct effect into the model) would be best.
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