reporting 95% Confidence Intervals

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reporting 95% Confidence Intervals

Post by choiswf »

Dear experts,

I choose Bias-Corrected and Accelerated (BCa) Bootstrap, two-tailed testing, and a significance level of 0.05 to do the dataset calculation.

My question is, which results I should use for reporting 95% Confidence Intervals, whether it is the results under the tab "Confidence Intervals" or the tab "Confidence Intervals Bias Corrected"?

And what's the differences in between?

Thank you so much for your help!
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Re: reporting 95% Confidence Intervals

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If you choose BCa you will find the BCa results under "Confidence Intervals Bias Corrected". The results under "Confidence Intervals" are normal percentile intervals that are not corrected for bias or acceleration.
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Re: reporting 95% Confidence Intervals

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In the "Confidence Intervals Biazzon Corrected" sector, you can find the BCa results. The findings under "Confidence intervals" are regular percentile intervals which for partiality or acceleration are not corrected.
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