Consistent PLS procedure with second-order constructs

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Consistent PLS procedure with second-order constructs

Post by fhlek » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:53 am

I need some help using Smart PLS 3.
Recently, a reviewer of a journal asked us to make Consistent PLS in the stastical analysis instead of normal PLS.
The problem is that we have second-order construct in our model (both formative-formative and refletive-formative), so it is not possible to apply Consistent PLS directly. One of my co-authors has found a two-stage procedure to solve this (Van Riel et al., 2017), but these authors use ADANCO software in this case. Can we use this same procedure in Smart PLS 3? If not, do you know a procedure that is valid to solve this in Smart PLS 3?

Thank you in advance.

Van Riel, A. C., Henseler, J., Kemény, I., & Sasovova, Z. (2017). Estimating hierarchical constructs using consistent partial least squares: The case of second-order composites of common factors. Industrial management & data systems, 117(3), 459-477.

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Re: Consistent PLS procedure with second-order constructs

Post by jmbecker » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:55 am

SmartPLS 3 should be able to do all the calculations as well. As far as I remember the paper, it also involves some hand calculations outside of Adanco. That would also be necessary in SmartPLS, but generally SmartPLS has the same and even more capabilities than Adanco.
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