Lost of all data on Desktop

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Lost of all data on Desktop

Post by mannie1111 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:22 am

Hi friends,

Trying to use the SmartPLS 3 for the first time, I realized that the software have imported all my desktop folders into the project explorer window. I decided to delete all except the one I need to do the analysis and to my surprise, all my folders are deleted from my Desktop and recycling bin. I cannot find any of these important documents and I am getting sick by this.

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Re: Lost of all data on Desktop

Post by cringle » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:05 am

When you delete projects from the SmartPLS project explorer, the software asks you, if you really want to delete these files. Also, you get an option to keep them in the archive. Obviously, you decided to delete these file and also you did not keep a copy in the archive. In that case, the selected files have been deleted from your harddrive.

Use your backup to restore these files.

Please note: SmartPLS uses a certain workspace folder. The files of this workspace folder appear in the SmartPLS project explorer. You should never select your desktop as workspace folder. The SmartPLS default settings create a workspace folder in your home directory that the software uses. Alternatively, you may use a dropbox folder or a c:\smartpls_workspace folder. In this case, when selecting this folder as workspace, you only deal with SmartPLS files and never risk to delete something else on your harddrive. Also, it is very easy to backup the SmartPLS workspace folder.

Kind regards
Christian Ringle

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