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Learn More About Special Topics in PLS-SEM

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:44 am
by cringle
Importance-performance matrix analysis in PLS-SEM; check these articles:
    • *Ringle, C.M./ Sarstedt M.: Gain More Insight from Your PLS-SEM Results: The Importance-Performance Map Analysis, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Volume 116(2016), Issue 9, 1865-1886. ... -2015-0449

      *Höck, C./ Ringle, C.M./ Sarstedt, M.: Management of Multi-Purpose Stadiums: Importance and Performance Measurement of Service Interfaces, in: International Journal of Services Technology and Management, Volume 14 (2010), Issue 2-3, 188-207.

      *Rigdon, E.E./ Ringle, C.M./ Sarstedt, M./ Gudergan, S.P.: Assessing heterogeneity in customer satisfaction studies: Across industry similarities and within industry differences, in: Advances in International Marketing (AIM), Volume 22 (2011), 169-194. ... w=abstract

      *Schloderer, M.P./ Sarstedt, M./ Ringle, C.M.: The Relevance of Reputation in the Nonprofit Sector: The Moderating Effect of Socio-Demographic Characteristics, in: International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Volume 19 (2014), Issue 2, 110-126. ... 1/abstract
    Second order models in PLS-SEM; check these articles: Mediating effects in PLS-SEM; check these articles: Moderation in PLS-SEM; check these articles:
    • *Henseler, J./ Fassott, G.: Testing Moderating Effects in PLS Path Models: An Illustration of Available Procedures, in Esposito Vinzi, V., Chin, W. W., Henseler, J. and Wang, H. (Eds.), Handbook of Partial Least Squares: Concepts, Methods and Applications (Springer Handbooks of Computational Statistics Series, Volume II). Springer, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London, New York, 2010, 713-735. ... 32827-8_31

      *Rigdon, E.E./ Ringle, C.M./ Sarstedt, M.: Structural modeling of heterogeneous data with partial least squares, in: Malhotra, N.K. (ed.), Review of Marketing Research, Volume 7 (2010), 255-296. ... w=abstract

      *Check the book on PLS-SEM:
    Multi-group analyis in PLS-SEM: Nonlinear effects in PLS-SEM; check this article: FIMIX-PLS; check these articles: PLS-POS; check these articles:

More Literature and Info on PLS-SEM: