An error has occured. - Solution to the problem

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An error has occured. - Solution to the problem

Post by jiwatr1 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:56 am

Wen you try to use SmartPLS and get an error message like this 'An error has occurred. See the log file
C:\Program Files(x86) \SmartPLS2\Configuration\1329991694250.log'

One of the simple solution is to just download the latest version of SmartPls application from SmartPls website and then copy JRE folder from the downloaded SmartPls folder and paste it in your existing SmartPLS installation folder (e.g., c:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPLS)

Then you dont need to do anything, and can simply run SmartPls without any issues once you have pasted the JRE folder following above procedure. You can even delete the recently downloaded SmartPls folder if you think you dont need it any more as previously functional SmartPls files are already there on your computer.

The above problem will occur when you have Java 7 on your computer, which is incompatibe with SmartPLs.

Good luck


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